Monday, November 8, 2010

Word & Image

The New York Times newspaper and website are both places where word and image are combined.  That really is the true essence of any newspaper, printed type and images meeting to aid in telling the news.  The design of the website for the New York Times is also very straightforward and easy to navigate.  They use different fonts and color to signify different areas of the website. The important shortcuts are listed clearly at the top of the page and the different sections are listed below that.

Newspapers and websites alike profit from advertisements.  That is one of their main cash cows.  In the Times there is plenty of space for ads.  The website as well is plastered with advertisements. As newspaper companies transition to a more digital format the ability to navigate their websites will be very important.  If it is difficult or cumbersome to move through a website to access the information then that website may not be designed successfully. 

Newspapers are full of design.  Websites as well are designed entirely by an individual or group of people.  From the front page to the comics every inch of a newspaper has been created and then edited by some type of designer.

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