Monday, November 15, 2010

UCD's many websites

The University of California Davis has a different website for many different tasks.  They have a MyAdmissions page that helps new students meet admission deadlines.  They have a SISweb portal for registration and other tasks.  They also have MyUCDavis web page that helps keep a students life in order. There is also a SmartSite that helps students stay up to date with all of their classes.  Why cant they just simplify all these sites into one, maybe two different pages.

It would make a students life easier if the school consolidated all these systems into one central system that streamlined the process of going to college.  The design of the current system is discombobulated and difficult to navigate.  It puts extra stress on students to navigate through different webpages.  If the Universities of California grouped together and used one system it could cut overall costs of network maintenance and potentially allow more people to go to college.

I also understand security is a concern for the University.  If they consolidated all of these systems into one, hackers could steal more information from one place.  It also would be a concern for different majors.  A chemistry major is not going to have the same needs in regards to school as a design major.

As a transfer student from community college I know that schools use different systems.  It would make my life simpler if I could buy a parking pass, register for classes, check my school email, and check my scores from tests/ homework all from one page.

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