Monday, November 29, 2010

Color Transforms


Color design is found throughout day to day life.  Color influences mood and can be used to express different meanings.  Color has a psychological effect on people.  Cool hues can calm someone down, while vibrant red or yellow hues excite or stimulate.  Color design is evident in police caution tape.  It is a combination of form and color known worldwide.  

The combination of a stark yellow and a dark black creates a tension that catches your eye.  This is what the caution tape is designed to do.  The color draws your eye and the form conveys the message of caution.  Caution tape is used to create a perimeter around a crime scene.  It is meant to be seen and it's message is clearly printed on the tape.

Similar to Albers Homage to the Square, caution tape creates an illusion of depth and movement.  It uses two different hues and values but the effect is similar.

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