Monday, November 8, 2010

Brian Fies

Word and image definitely played a part in Brian Fies lecture.  He spoke about his book/comic Mom's Cancer, and the design process behind it.  He talked about how he was dealing with his mom's illness and that he had also wanted to be a comic artist. He spoke about the editorial process, and the different views between him and the editor. 

Just for the cover alone for Brian Fies' comic there were probably hundreds of sample designs and revisions.  He adjusted everything from the colors used to different fonts.  He cropped them differently and showed his mother from different angles.  He also threw in a few off the wall samples that were an example of play in his design process. 

He also spoke about the differences between RGB and CMYK color palettes.  He said that he had originally done the entire book on the computer in RGB.  When he went into the beginning stages of the printing process he switched the colors to CMYK and he was not happy with how the colors translated. So he ended up completely recoloring the book in CMYK.  He also said that each chapter had its own distinct color.  The use of color, especially in comics, helps to tell the story visually.

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